Helen Tansey owner and photographer of Sundari Photography


I started my career as a professional model in Europe and then made the transition from being in front of the camera to behind the lens.

I have been shooting for over 25 years taking head shots of actors, celebrities, families and most notably Gordon Ramsey, Carrie Ann Moss, Jason Isaacs, Colin Mochrie and many others.  I have been featured on CBC Television, Breakfast Television, Fashion Television, Discovery Channels's "Behind the Lens" and The Candice Olsen Show.  My work has also been featured in magazines such as Flair, Elle, More Magazine and Toronto Life to name a few.

I love creating a space where people can come and feel comfortable while they are getting their photos taken.  I hold space for them so that they can feel relaxed and at ease so that we can work together to get the images that they are looking for.

My passion has always led me to photograph what I feel passionate about.  From celebrities to pregnancy photography, from getting a family photo that families will cherish to photographing executives and corporate events.  My latest passion has been photographing woman over 40 which I call "Sundari Woman."  It celebrates the beauty of getting older. 

I love being a photographer and I take great joy and pride in working together with my clients to get the perfect shot.