“Working with Sundari Photography is always a pleasure. Helen and her team have an amazing ability to bring out everyone’s personality in the photograph, while delivering a professional but relaxing experience. We constantly look forward to having them back continue capturing our growth.”  Julia Croll   Vice President, Marketing at Dental Corp
The Baker Sisters
Simona Fairgold
 "Helen has the ability to bring out everyones inner beauty as well as what you see physically, she really captures the "soul" of the person she is photographing"  Kim Donnelly   Owner of Cykl
 "I'm someone who gets extremely nervous in front of the camera, but Helen makes the whole experience very comfortable and actually enjoyable! She gives great direction, she makes great conversation to help relax you, she's genuine, personable, and even reminds you to breathe!  Not to mention her incredible ability to take outdoor pictures during on of Toronot's worst rain storms that flooded the city - the pictures came out so vibrant and colourful you wouldn't have any idea it was gloomy and dark around us!  She is my go-to for all types of shots whether head shots or out in nature."  Sarah Maughan, BA,RHN   Registered Holistic Nutritionist    
 "I love working with Helen.  From the moment I walked into her studio I knew that we were in good hands.  The experience was easy, dare I say comfortable.  With her, I feel at home in front of the camera.  I have complete confidence that her guidance and creative eye will lead to something amazing.  Helen’s calm and comfortable demeanor, never mind the fact that she is an amazing photographer, make for a totally enjoyable experience."   "I can’t wait to work with her again."  Morghan Fortier  Co-Owner and Executive Producer, Tinman Creative Studios
 "Helen was able to capture the fun and cool image we were looking for to launch our new business"  Emily & Ashley   Fashion Truck Canada
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